Bio Fuels and Oils Ltd is a UK company producing environmentally considerate diesel fuels and lubricants.
We have been independently audited and registered by ISCC to be traders in RED (renewable energy directive) fuels.

The UK biofuels industry and the UK government are committed to 'sustainable' biofuels production with the biofuels industry at the forefront of sustainability standards. Together with governments in the UK and Europe, it is working to ensure that our biofuels come from sustainable crops.

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An alternative energy source having a number of benefits over fuels made from fossil oil.

Better for the environment and can help reduce global warming

" … rape methyl ester (bio-diesel from oilseed rape) has the potential to reduce energy inputs by 66% and total greenhouse gas emissions by 53% for each MJ of energy created."
(Central Science Laboratory 2005)

Our Biofuel is a true green fuel made from rapeseed oil.

A 'virtuous' circle

When growing, the crops absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere so that when biofuels are burnt the released carbon dioxide is subsequently absorbed again by the growing plants to produce more biofuels. A 'virtuous' circle.
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