Biofuels and Oils Mission is to supply our Customers with cost effective, high performance quality biofuels that protect our environment and air quality by investing in new biofuel technologies made from renewable, sustainable feedstocks and the Worlds organic wastes that can be manufactured by refineries that meet the exacting requirements of the EU EN14214 diesel Fuel standard.


Our Biodiesel fuels contain a, unique to Biofuels and Oils, UK manufactured additive that eliminates moisture and crystals that are associated with blocking diesel fuel filters and that also extends the fuel shelf life while reducing the fuel freezing point. All Fuel and Feedstock records are kept for 6 years for Audit purposes.

HMRC Registered supplier of Biodiesel fuels
Biofuels and Oils Ltd is registered with HMRC to supply the UK Fuel Distribution market with NRMM (Non Road Motor Machinery) biodiesel.

Full compliance

Full safety sheets available

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Biofuels and Oils have a UK network of storage and distribution facilities that can deliver our biofuels to you anywhere in the UK.
"What we take for granted might not be here for our children." Al Gore

Biofuels plant

"European consumers should be assured that the biofuels used in Europe, and receiving support, are sustainable biofuels, in other words, that the biofuels they buy do not increase greenhouse gas emissions, do not lead to the destruction of rainforests or other biodiversity-rich areas, do not exacerbate food shortages and are not unreasonably expensive."

EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs

"The ultimate goal is to reduce dependency on the use of oil-based fuels, which is a significant cause for concern for the European Union (EU) in terms of the environment and security of supply."

Directive 2003/30/EC

"The European Commission's Renewable Energy Directive is working towards 10% of all road transport fuel coming from renewable sources by 2020."

Directive 2009/28/EC

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Biofuels and Oils work with and invest in International Chemical Engineering Projects to develop new biofuels from organic wastes that are cost effective, reduce Green House Gases and prevent wastes going to landfill.


Biofuels and Oils Ltd is owned by its founding Directors.